The Guy

I like to refer to myself as a ‘recovering’ Texan. Everyday I find myself more and more at home and comfortable in the PNW. With our wonderful doggo Puppy Van Winkle, my husband and I love to hike and adventure around the area. I love capturing our adventures in photos. I love to cycle, travel, and am a hardcore aviation geek. I’m a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy. Maker of #SassTags and co-founder of SnarkPile. And most importantly, I’m a lover of cold brew. he/him. ⚣

The Interrobang

Where does interrobang come from? I fell in love with the interrobang many years ago – a punctuation mark that describes me. I have a bold, exclamatory personality with the desire to question and wonder. What about the interrobang itself? It was created in the 60s by advertising exec Martin K. Speckter who needed a mark to convey rhetorical questions. The name is from crossing “interrogatio”, Latin for “a rhetorical question” or “cross-examination” and “bang” which is programmer for the exclamation point.

Listen to Roman Mars’ 99% Invisible episode about the interrobang.